Egg Farmers of Canada Trip November 2023

November 12, 2023 – November 20, 2023

Project CANAAN

We will spend the week introducing you to our initiatives on Project Canaan and in our partner communities! The team will spend time touring Project Canaan, visiting with our children and will join us for Janine Maxwell’s 60th Birthday Party. In the community, the team will be visiting a local homestead to deliver food & clothing and to encourage the family living there. They will also spend a day in the rural community at one of our 30 church partner locations, delivering and serving food and playing with the children they serve through our Hunger Initiative. We will be in close communication with all travelers and give frequent updates so you are well prepared, and well informed!

Each participant will be encouraged to maintain a group mindset throughout your trip. We want to ensure that everyone has a great experience, and we make preparations based on what is best for the group. As Project Canaan grows, specifically our children’s campus, we must make modifications that are going to best serve those on and off the property, as well as provide consistency and structure for the schedule our staff has worked diligently to put in place for the Egg Farmers of Canada. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to improve your trip experience!

Note: Limited to 40 Volunteers.

Trip Itinerary

Depart from North America.

Arrive in Johannesburg and stay overnight at the City Lodge Airport Hotel.

Drive from Johannesburg to Eswatini via Private coach. Check-in to Bushbaby Lodge at Nkonyeni.

The team will be split into groups for Homestead visits in our community. Each group will serve a family in our community by bringing supplies such as food and clothing, and visit with them. This is a great opportunity to develop a relationship with an individual family who is in need and who we want to provide extra support to.

The team will head to Project Canaan where they will get a three-hour tour of the project which includes: Egg Barns, Dairy, Greenhouse, Children’s homes, Project Canaan Academy, Kufundza Vocational Training Center and the El Rofi Medical Center.

The team will have the opportunity to spend the day on a game drive (safari) with our children who have just turned 6 or 10 years old, for their birthdays, or work at the Egg Barn for the day.

The day will end with a special Braai at the Maxwell’s home. 

The team will spend the morning swimming and playing with kids. In the afternoon, they will join our children and staff at the amphitheater for Janine’s 60th Birthday party, followed by a birthday dinner with the kids. They will end the day with a fire at the Maxwell’s home.

The team will experience singing and dancing at Children’s Church in the morning. In the afternoon, they will head out to our community church partner locations to serve hot meals (including the perfect protein, hard-boiled eggs!) in our feeding program.

Time to head home! The team will return to Johannesburg on the Private coach. 

Shopping at Khutsala™ Artisans

The Khutsala™ Artisan shop on Project Canaan will be open multiple times throughout the week, and you will be able to stock up on our beautiful Khutsala and Kufundza products.

Our jewelry, Christmas ornaments, charcuterie boards, and many other home items are all handmade on site, providing employment for our neighboring communities, which enables them to provide for up to 7 family member in each household. 

All profits are used to further our mission of self-sustainability and to care for our 360+ children living on Project Canaan. These make great gifts or souvenirs, and each purchase truly makes an impact!
Artisan holding beaded elephant in Eswatini

Travel Details & Cost

The trip cost will include the ground costs of $2,240 CAD. Airfare is not included in the ground costs and each individual will be responsible for booking and paying for their own flights. Please contact our Trip Coordinator for additional information about trip costs, hereWe ask that your travel arrangements enable you to arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa on November 13th to meet with the rest of the group. At the conclusion of the trip, you will depart South Africa on November 20th.

The ground costs of the trips include lodging, meals, supplies, ground transportation and administrative fees. Due to cost and exchange rate adjustments, any remaining funds will go toward general support of the mission.

*Please note that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not permit issuance of official tax receipts for payments made toward service trips.


Please register for this trip by clicking the button below. Once you have completed your registration you will be directed to create your personal funding page. Every trip participant MUST create a funding page through the online donor platform powered by Kindful.

This page will serve as the link for ALL payments toward your trip. Once you have created your funding page, please make your $250 USD deposit to secure your spot on the trip.