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El Rofi Medical Center

Average life expectancy in Eswatini
of the total population are orphans & vulnerable children
0 %

The El Rofi Medical Centre officially opened July 16, 2014. This medical center provides medical aid and primary care to all of the children living at Project Canaan, as well as all employees who work on the property. It also will provide education, testing, and counseling for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and family planning. The three-chair dental suite is used for visiting/volunteer dentists. The total cost to run the clinic is approximately $5,000 each month and it is only partly subsidized by the patients who are mostly making minimum wage.

Eswatini has the highest HIV rate of any other country in the world and the population has a negative growth rate of 4.5%. Providing adequate medical aid can help improve the overall health of the country. We need partners who will help us to continue to provide high quality care. By making a donation to the El Rofi Medical Center, you can help us to meet these expenses and fight the healthcare challenges in Africa.

A baby getting a check up at El Rofi Medical Centre.
A group of people talking the front desk of El Rofi.
Heart for Africa's El Rofi Medical Centre.