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Hunger Initiative

Undernutrition. Stunting. Wasting. Starvation.

Our goal is to eradicate malnutrition in the 4,500+ orphans and vulnerable children currently served through our network of 30 community partners. We currently serve 100,000 meals on a monthly basis in these communities to fight hunger in Eswatini. 

Children Fed Each Week

$160 feeds 1 child for 1 year

You can help fight hunger with us by feeding a child for a year or donating towards the building of cooking structures and the supplies needed to feed these children daily.

Contact our Hunger Initiative Project Manager to find out how your organization or church can help fight hunger.


We began a feeding program focused on orphaned and vulnerable children in the rural communities of Eswatini by partnering with churches. Over 350 churches applied for assistance through the program. After an exhaustive process, 30 churches from the most rural areas of the Kingdom were chosen to participate. Our partnership with the International Egg Foundation and the Egg Farmers of Canada allows us to provide hard-boiled eggs (the perfect protein), along with nutritionally fortified dry meal packages (MannaPack™) through our partnership with Feed My Starving Children.


We celebrated a decade of providing food to hungry children and decided to conduct “well-child check-ups” at each church partner site to assess the height/weight and overall health of the children. Shockingly, we discovered that many of the children were still suffering from malnutrition and stunting, all while food insecurity worsened across the country. While our efforts have kept starvation at bay, we have not yet eradicated malnutrition amongst these children.

When we met with the pastors and cooks of the 30 churches in December of 2019, we asked them what their greatest need was. Their response? “Please come and feed our children, and show the love of Christ by filling their stomachs.” 

Our response? Create a more impactful solution. We have a solution to eradicate malnutrition and we need your help to make it a reality.


We launched our Hunger Initiative and have expanded our feeding program from 2 days/week to 7 days/week at all 30 church partners. 

At each church, we will build a cooking structure, provide a water tank, cooking pots, new serving bowls and spoons, a garden and fence poles and tools for gardening. We are also hiring two women at each church to cook the food, so we can feed seven days a week. 

It costs $6,630 to build a cooking structure, provide all of the items above, and employ two women for one church. The shipping costs to send the for from our partners in the US and Canada to Eswatini each year are about $62,530.

You can help us raise the funds to provide each of our 30 church partners with these essentials to feed the children in their community.

If you are interested in how you, your organization or church can take the next step, please contact our Hunger Initiative Project Manager, Hannah Gaddis.