Going Home

How to stay connected after your trip

Welcome back home! We hope you had a life-changing trip, but that the change didn’t end when you arrived back on your home soil. No doubt you have many thoughts and ideas going through your head as you returned. We want you to be able to remain connected with Heart for Africa (Canada) and the people you served with.

You can become a monthly partner and continue to serve financially through child sponsorship or becoming a hero, just click below.

You can also keep up with what’s happening in Eswatini by subscribing to our newsletter!

Stay connected with the Heart for Africa (Canada) community by becoming a volunteer in Canada or helping us create an event that will help build awareness and/or raise funds for future projects. If you have an idea, we would love to hear from you – please contact our Marketing Team.

Thank you again for serving with the Heart for Africa (Canada) team. We hope to see you again next year!