Stunting, a sign of chronic malnutrition, affects 26% of children under the age of five in Eswatini.

Fighting hunger is a crucial pillar in our mission. Our approach to eradicating hunger in Eswatini is 2-fold: providing food-security on the project itself and working with a network of church partners to feed children off-site in the most rural communities in the country.

The Project Canaan Farm initiative is vitally important to help us achieve self-sustainability and to support our Hunger Initiative. The farm has multiple approaches to agriculture utilizing both outdoor and greenhouse hydroponics, dairy farming and 6,000 laying hens. The farm provides employment and provides milk, eggs, and vegetables for everyone living on Project Canaan and our church partners. Learn more about each facet currently in place to fight hunger in Eswatini by clicking below.

Project Canaan Farm